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Law firms, lending institutions, banks, service companies and a variety of other businesses across Connecticut use //// for their public information retrieval needs. //// provides efficient and cost-effective services. Seasoned industry experts handle all assignments. After decades in Connecticut making UCC filings, performing UCC searches and other business document searches, we know what we are doing.

A Connecticut UCC filing or lien is a notice filed by a lender at the Connecticut Secretary of State notifying that they have an interest in one or more assets of the business. Lenders file UCC-1 statements most of the time. These are common when the business is given a commercial loan. They work as a lien on the assets of the business. These filings are required by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to secure the collateral for the loans. If a business has a lien, it means that the business won't be able to sell that asset before paying the lender back. That's why it's recommended that you do a Connecticut UCC search to know the status of your business or any assets of a business you're buying. By conducting a search, you'll make an informed decision or fix any problems before it's too late.

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Connecticut UCC Search: How Does It Work?

Using ////'s corporate document retrieval service, you'll get the information you need. We will need you to provide information like the debtor's name, jurisdiction, type of search, among other details. Simply pick up the phone and call us, and we'll take care of the rest. Using our service, you can find any UCC certifications related to the subject business.