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Serving the legal, banking, lending and insurance businesses for over 35 years, we provide reliable information and document retrieval services from offices NATIONWIDE. With our many years of experience, we can help you locate necessary documents and information from outlets throughout the country. Whether the recording is at a local, county, state or federal office, we can help you.

* UCC Searches and filings        
* Federal/State tax lien searches
* Corporate document retrieval and filings 
* Real estate searches
* Suit/judgment searches - all Courts          
* Agent for Service

Our turn around time is the best in the industry. Utilizing email, facsimile equipment, or overnight delivery services, we will make your deadline. Let us handle this part of your work, leaving you to focus on areas needing your personal expertise. Teamwork!

Depending on the jurisdiction being searched turn-around times may vary. Criteria for securing information varies from agency to agency and may affect our ability to access and secure needed documentation instantly. We’ll be happy to outline these issues and their costs at the time of your order. Keeping you informed of these details helps us all to work at our best. Call us. We welcome every opportunity to assist you!

Who Uses doc-u-search?
Law firms, leading institutions, banks, service companies and a variety of other businesses across the United States use doc-u-search for their public information retrieval needs.

  • Secured Liens
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Information
  • Litigation
  • Agent for Service
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